Gymboree new line SKUs
Holiday Shop and Brand New Baby released 10/27/14
The rest will be released 11/3/14 (online Sunday night at 9 pm PST)

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Baby Girl - line 1

Everyday Favorites

Not released yet:

This SKU has been replaced with another one:

Kid Girl - line 1

Everyday Favorites

Not released yet

Baby Girl - line 2

Kid Girl - line 2


Baby Boy

Kid Boy

Baby Boy - line 2

Kid Boy - line 2

Newborn Girl - line 1

Newborn Girl - line 2

Newborn Boy - line 1

Newborn Boy - line 2


Brand New Baby Girl

Brand New Baby Boy

Brand New Baby - Unisex

The Holiday Shop

Baby Girl

Kid Girl

Baby Boy

Kid Boy

Newborn Girl


Newborn Boy

Girl Sleepwear

Boy Sleepwear

Holiday Family Underwear & Sleepwear - released 10/27/14



Holiday Family Underwear & Sleepwear - not released yet


(probably a Mom style)